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A tight-knit collective of award-winning freelance copywriters on a mission to transform established businesses, help startups flourish, and shine a dazzling spotlight on ambitious brands in a crowded marketplace. 

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Great advertising copywriters pay for themselves. Their work can turn a passive audience into engaged fans, increase sales, and ultimately put a rocket under your bottom line. ​But that begs a very important question.



We may be biased, but we think it has a lot to do with training. The best advertising copywriters aren't born great, their talent is nurtured. Before we came together to form Copy Guru, each of us worked in a global advertising agency. We were fortunate enough to learn our trade from the legends of Ad Land - John Hegarty, David Droga and Charles Saatchi to name a few. If you're not familiar with their names, you certainly will be with their work.

They taught us the tricks of the trade, the pitfalls to avoid and the psychology behind selling. Under their mentorship we learned how to drive action. We'd sweat the details, work weekends and miss birthdays (sorry Lucy). They were hard taskmasters, but we thank them for it now (thanks John). 



ADDING VALUE – Advertising is most effective when it entertains, engages and informs. It's a nice thought that your ad could improve someones day, rather than being an obstacle, isn't it!


PSYCHOLOGY – Advertising is as much a science as an art form. Your adverts need to trigger both the emotional and logical sides of the brain at once – desire with permission. Whether it's a TV ad or a Tweet, the principles are the same. 


NAILING YOUR TONE OF VOICE – Once we've distilled the perfect message, it needs to be delivered in the right way. Your brand's tone of voice is it's personality. We'll make sure it's unique to your brand and consistent across all your platforms. 

KNOWING YOUR AUDIENCE – Your audience isn't every male and female aged 18-85, it's Kate from Brighton, Mark from Brooklyn. Rather than casting our net wide and speaking as though we're addressing a crowd, we'll picture your perfect customer and write as though we're talking directly to them. It makes your brand feel human and ​relatable.

COLLABORATION, COLLABORATION, COLLABORATION – You know your brand better than us. No amount of research can change that. Writers who think they always know best invariably don't, so we go into every project in an open and collaborative way. 



We'll gain a deep understanding of your requirements and how we can help. We'll then pair you up with the best copywriter for the job – Your very own Copy Guru, on hand 24/7. Well, almost.



If you already have a brief prepared then we'll discuss it in detail, or if you need some help refining an approach we can dive into the strategy together. The result will be a clear articulation of your needs, audience and aims.



Then comes research. Lots of it. Your copywriter will pour over your brand until they practically dream in your tone of voice. We'll also make sure we have clear insight into your competitive landscape and target audience.  


By now we're in a great position to put pen to paper. All of our writers work in a very collaborative way, and as the client you're in the driving seat. We'll send you options to choose from and run ideas by you as we go. In our experience, this is the quickest way to the best possible work.


Above all else it's important that you're happy with the work we produce. So on every project we offer free amends. 


Drop us a line on 020 3290 6279, send us an email by clicking hereor fill out the handy form below and let's have a chat about what we can do for you. 

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A note on availability: To keep standards high, we only work with brilliant writers we know and trust, which means we sometimes get fully booked by our regular clients at short notice. But even if we can't help this time, we're always happy to offer advice and point you in the direction of someone who can.